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 [READ BEFORE POSTING] Application Format

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PostSubject: [READ BEFORE POSTING] Application Format   Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:21 pm

Application To Join BlackArmy Team

Hello future BlackArmy member!
You are about to make an application to join us.
This needs to be in the following format. Make sure you stick to this format!

Copy this code and paste it in a new topic.

[size=14pt][b]About you :[/b][/size]

[b]In-game name:
Country & Timezone:
Who has invited you to join BlackArmy?:
Other languages?:

[size=14pt][b]More information :[/b][/size]

What sort of situation would make you want to leave a clan:
Forum activity (?/20):
Additional information you would like to add:

[size=14pt][b]In-game stats : [/b][/size]

In-game activity (?/20):
Previous clans :
Rate your English (out of 10):
Do you have enemies in this clan?:
Are You VIP or Admin?:

If you get accepted, new Name[i](with [BlackArmy] tag)[/i]:

Do you agree that if you break any of PS's rules then you can be demoted?
Do you agree that you will follow instructions of higher ranked PS members?
Do you agree that your rank can be removed if you are inactive without letting us known?
Do you agree that you are satisfied with any rank we offer you?


i Didnt finich it, i will finich it later.
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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Application Format
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