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PostSubject: [READ AFTER POSTING] Rules   Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:08 pm

BlackArmy Team Rules

Hello BlackArmy members!
To maintain a healthy clan, we also need some rules. These rules must be respected by all members!
If you ignore them, you will get an official warn. If you get the second warn you will be kicked out of the clan.
To prove us that you read this thread, please paste this code anywhere in your application: CS16BA2015
We are completely free to change the rules at any time we want without further noticing.


  • All members should have respect towards each other.

  • Don't hack or cheat at any type in the game.

  • Don't flame at other members and don't insult them.

  • Don't post useless posts on the forum.

  • Only BlackArmy's Owners andManagers are allowed to accept or deny new members.

  • After you got denied you need to wait a weeks before applying again.

  • If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks, please Informe Us.


BlackArmy Management
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